10 Years in the Making

And we keep going!

Our mission is to creative stunning designs, write compelling content, produce captivating videos. Our mission is to uncover the story of your business then tell the world. We are master story tellers and are able to convey the value of your business that lands with prospective clients.


Red Bull



Vera Italian Linens – Italy

Vincents Haircutting – Garden Grove, CA

American Payroll Management – Garden Grove, CA

Payroll Tax Specialists – Riverside

ABI Home Construction – Perris, CA

The Law Office of Tom Medrano – Pasadena, CA

Thai Dishes – Santa Clarita, CA

Environmental Managers, – Calabasas, CA

AG Systems – Irvine, CA

NEW Academy Canoga Park Elementary School

Our vision is a world of interconnectivity, where people can effortless find that perfect business, professional or service they seek. Where visual creativity becomes the new standard. Where those that seek to read can be met with carefully crafted proses that illicit the imagination and compel them to action. Or for those that prefer to view, marketing videos that convey life, language and creativity.

Why work with us:

Creative Design

You understand your business and we understand good design. This means your website, video, graphic design piece or video will represent the values of design and give your business the best possible representation.


We've designed hundreds of websites, countless videos and written thousands and thousands of creative content. For over 10 years we've impressed not only our clients, but ourselves. We look forward to doing the same for you.

User Friendly

We won't confuse you with tech jargon or ambiguous marketing language. We speak to you clearly, professionally and most importantly, honestly.

Value Priced

As a small, freelance firm we able to deliver tremendous quality without all the superfluous overhead. That means you only pay for quality and nothing more.

For all your design, marketing and video needs.

We can even help with mobile apps and branding.

The Visual One Studio Team

We are powered by people.

Logan Diaz

Logan Diaz

Designer/ Director

Logan has been involved in marketing and design for over 10 years. He began work at the prestigious management company The Firm in Beverly Hills...

Steven Vu

Steven Vu

Business Development Manager

An advocate of perseverance, positive psychology, and developing effective daily habits, Steven is an emerging star committed to excellence in the field of marketing and design.