Freebies Marketing

The Complete Marketing Guide for Tax & Accounting Firms

By Sandi Levya

The A-to-Z Program with Checklists, Samples, Step-by-Step Procedures, and Case Studies to Add New Revenues, Make More Money, and Gain More Free Time in Tax, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Outsourced CFO Services


The Definitive Guide to Online Marketing

for Accounting and Financial Professionals

When it comes to consumers and how they make decisions, the exact truth is less important than the interpreted truth. How consumers feel and what they think doesn’t have to make logical sense, because the only thing that matters is what they ultimately do with their time and money….


Software & Social Media Marketing Plan

By Intuit

By utilizing the latest cloud accounting technologies, we can improve the day- to-day operations and eliminate the inefficiencies that waste time and have little added value for our clients.

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